Firearms Licensing Requirements in France



The relevant legislative package includes:


·       Law n° 2018-133 of 26 February 2018 « portant diverses dispositions d’adaptation au droit de l’Union européenne dans le domaine de la sécurité».


·       Implementing decree n° 2018-542 of 29 June 2018 which sets the conditions for the weapons production, sale, acquisition and detention


·       Arrêté du 8 juillet 2015 « relatif aux dérogations à l’obligation d’obtention d’une autorisation d’importation de matériels de guerre, armes, éléments d’arme, munitions ou éléments de munition».


 As of 1st of August 2018 (date of entry into force of the decree), the weapons authorised for hunting are classified, according to the French legislation, in category C (notwithstanding the exceptions applying to specific cases).

The general rule is that the import into France of category C weapons and ammunitions from a country outside the EU is subject to the prior obtaining of an import authorization for war material (AIMG). This obligation results from the article L 2335-1 of the Defense Code which provides that the import, without prior authorization, of weapons and ammunitions of the C category which come from non-EU countries, is prohibited.

There is, however, an exception to this rule for hunters set out by the legal provision “Arrêté du 8 juillet 2015” .

If you are a hunter and reside outside EU, you can bring with you two hunting weapons of the 1° of category C and 100 cartridges per weapon. To this end, you must be able to prove that you are travelling for the purpose of hunting by presenting, for example, an invitation to a hunting party.

Further, a hunter has to ask the French customs to put his/her weapons under the customs procedure of the temporary admission.

The customs procedure of the temporary admission allows the hunter to be exempted from the obligation of holding an export license for his/her weapons and ammunitions, when the hunter is entering in the EU country in which he/she goes hunting, but also when coming back to his/her  country of residence.

The temporary admission consists in a verbal declaration that has to be made by the hunter when entering the French Customs. To this declaration, he must join the document CERFA n°15678*01  « Document d’accompagnement en cas de déclaration verbale pour l’admission temporaire ».

On this document, the hunter must specify the place of use of the « goods » and the nature of use of the « goods ». Regarding the nature of use of his weapons and ammunitions, he must therefore be able to justify that he is travelling for the purpose of hunting, by presenting, for example, an invitation to a hunting party.

What is the procedure to follow if one of the conditions for exemption from AIMG is not met?


If one of the above conditions for the exemption of AIMG are not met (for example, if you are a hunter and you wish to travel with more than two weapons), you must make an application for an AIMG.

This application is to be made using the form CERFA n° 11192*03 APPLICATION FORM to which you must join :

  • Your hunting permit issued in France or abroad, or any other administrative document legally considered as a foreign hunting permit.
  • Validation document for the current year or the previous year.

Your application for an AIMG can be made :

Online : through the « e-APS service » : (APS = Autorisations relatives aux Produits Stratégiques), which is the online service developped by the French customs.

Then, you must open an account :

User guide :

By mail :

The CERFA form must be sent, in four original copies, along with the supporting documents, to :

Ministère de l’action et des comptes publics

Direction générale des douanes et droits indirects

Service des autorisations de mouvements internationaux d’armes (SAMIA)

11, rue des deux communes – Immeuble les Allées

93558 Montreuil cedex


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