The FACE Team is based in Brussels and makes up the Secretariat, representing the interests of its Members and 7.000.000 European hunters every day.

The FACE team combines a passion for hunting and conservation with expertise in a range of key areas to ensure hunting remains good for hunters, society and nature, right across Europe. The small team reflects the diversity of Europe, with several nationalities, competent in various European languages.

Secretary General

Dr. David Scallan

David is currently serving as Secretary General of FACE. His daily work involves overseeing the implementation of FACE’s work programme. He has a strong background in project management, EU affairs, conservation policy, game management, sustainable agriculture and human-wildlife conflict. He received his Ph.D. from the National University of Ireland Galway with a dissertation examining the economic, ecological and social place of hunting in rural Ireland. David is also experienced in developing conservation/management plans for huntable species.


Policy Advisor on Large Carnivores

Guillaume Agede

Guillaume holds a degree in Biology with a specialization in veterinary medicine, complemented by an MBA. With extensive experience in the veterinary industry across Europe and globally, he has managed Regulatory Affairs and Public Affairs in Brussels for many year. A lifelong hunter and falconer since childhood, Guillaume is deeply involved in defending traditional hunting in France. His passion for wildlife extends to his role as a forester, actively advocating for agroforestry and biodiversity in the Double Forest in Dordogne, where he manages a hunting territory, integrating game management and forest growth. Guillaume has joined the FACE team as a Policy Advisor on Large Carnivores, leading advocacy efforts to promote improved coexistence between people and large carnivores.

Languages:FR, EN

Senior Translator

Sabine Borgers

Sabine joined FACE in March 2009. She is mainly responsible for German/English translations and occasionally from other languages including translation planning, proofreading and editing. Sabine holds a degree in translations from the FAK Specialist Academy in Munich, German, in the field of economics. Before starting at FACE, she worked for several companies in Germany as translator, executive assistant and office manager.

Languages:DE - EN - FR - NL - IT

Communication Manager

Alessio Borrello

Alessio joined our team in July 2016 to give new life to FACE communications. Collaborating closely with the Secretary General and coordinating with all staff members, Alessio leads the development, planning, and execution of our external communications strategies. He brings a wealth of experience to the role, with a solid background in political science and extensive, international experience as a digital marketer and project manager.

Tel. :+32 (0)2 416 16 18

Languages:IT - EN

Policy Advisor

Tristan Breijer

Tristan is the Policy Advisor for Social Acceptance of Hunting at FACE. He is a lifelong hunter with a passion for conservation and sustainable use. He brings a wealth of industry and policy experience to FACE having worked with hunting, wildlife management and conservation in 8 countries over 4 continents. He has published articles in many of the hunting magazines around the world, and is experienced at communicating and campaigning about sustainable hunting, including on social acceptance, He recently completed an MBA with a focus on environmental sustainability and policy in Vienna, is an active member in many hunting organisations and an elected fellow of various academic institutions such as the Royal Geographical Society in London. In his role at FACE, he is responsible for coordinating the social acceptance efforts and campaigns across Europe and translating the results into policy strategy for the future of sustainable hunting in Europe.

Languages:EN - DE

Wildlife Policy Officer

Sabrina Dietz

Sabrina is a master graduate in Applied Ecology from the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences at Campus Evenstad (Norway). Since 2012, she worked for various NGOs, nature research institutions and universities all over Europe. She joined projects dealing with the conservation and management of Lynx, semi-aquatic mammals (Otter, American Mink) and raptors (Osprey, Spanish Imperial Eagle). During these projects, she learned the importance and need of the collaboration between hunters, nature conservationists and scientific researchers.

Languages:DE - EN - NL

Senior Conservation Manager

Cy Griffin

Cy is Senior Conservation Manager at FACE. Dedicated to finding solutions for effective conservation of wildlife in Europe and seeking common ground between different interest groups, Cy has been closely involved with implementation of the EU Birds Directive and the negotiations for the creation of the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores.

Prior to re-joining FACE in 2019, he headed the European Association of Wetlands International for 3 years, managing the work on waterbird monitoring, water policy and the impact of EU investments on wetlands, and before this at FACE (2005-2016). He has particular interest in migratory species, both for their ecology and the international approach required for their conservation.

Tel.:+32 (0)2-4161619

Languages:EN - FR

Communication & Policy Officer

Bob Groome

Bob holds an international bachelors degree in French, Sociology and Political Science and a Masters degree in Natural Resource Governance and Economic Policy, both from National University of Ireland Galway. He speaks English and French and has a good command of Irish. Bob has previously worked for Vocal Europe and Inland Fisheries Ireland where he wrote a thesis on “Dutch recreational demand modelling for angling activities in Irelan”. He recently completed a bluebook traineeship in the Secretariat General of the European Commission, and had the opportunity to work in the Better Regulation Unit analysing impact assessments and fitness checks on key legislation such as the Water Frameworks Directive, the Air Quality Directive and the Ozone Regulation banning illegal chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) substances.

Languages:EN - FR - IE

Legal Affairs Officer

Konstantina Katrimpouza

Konstantina holds two bachelors in Law and Political science respectively and an LL.M in European and International public law from KU Leuven. She is passionate about EU affairs and politics. Since 2014, she has gained experience in legal affairs and European politics working in a range of law offices, in the European Parliament as a trainee and in an European organisation. Konstantina is a Greek native speaker, fluent in English and with limited proficiency in German.

Languages:EN - GR - DE

Office & Business Manager

Charlotte Nyffels

Charlotte manages the operations of the FACE Secretariat, from finances to human resources, whilst coordinating the administrative and office work.

Languages:FR - EN - ES

Policy Advisor

Seppo Puustinen

Hello everybody, my name is Seppo Puustinen, the new Policy Adviser in FACE since mid-May 2020.

As regards the past, I have three decades of experience dealing with legal questions at intergovernmental (European Commission), private (law firms) and governmental (Finland, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine) levels. Before FACE, I was working for DG GROW with the focus on the free movement of goods in the internal market. As a keen hunter myself, I am excited to be part of the FACE team and really looking forward to working with all the interested parties on important dossiers.

Languages:FR - EN - FI

Legal & Public Affairs Manager

Valentina Siddi

Valentina holds two master’s degrees in Law and European Politics and Law. Passionate about EU politics, Valentina has significant experience both in legal and public affairs. Before joining FACE, she worked for the EFCI (European Cleaning and Facility Services Industry) and EuropaBio (the European Association for Bioindustries). Valentina is fluent in Italian, English and French.

Languages:IT - EN - FR

Conservation Policy Officer

Stanislas Sibille

Stanislas Sibille plays a key role in FACE’s Conservation team as Conservation Policy Officer. He holds a Master of Science in Forest and Nature Conservation from Wageningen University and a Bachelor in Agronomical Sciences. Passionate in wildlife, he wants to work for its conservation and sustainable use throughout Europe. More specifically, he is particularly interested in ornithology and is working on migratory birds. Assuring their sustainable conservation in Europe is a priority for him. He enjoys working with FACE to achieve that goal.

Languages:FR - EN

Biodiversity Policy Assistant


Luis holds a Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Game Management. He has previously worked with the Fundación Artemisan in Spain on various projects, including his master’s thesis on the role of the Iberian Lynx in the hunting estates of southern Portugal.
He’s a passionate hunter for wildlife conservation who wants to share the important role of hunters in nature. For this reason, he is excited to join the FACE team and collect stories from hunters involved in projects aimed at promoting biodiversity for the Biodiversity Manifesto. You can communicate with him in Portuguese, English, or Spanish.

Languages:PT, ES, EN

Legal and Public Affairs Intern

Ralf Bartsch

Ralf is currently studying governmental law alongside working in administration for the city of Dresden. He is more than glad for the opportunity this internship provides, to see the bigger picture of politics and work close with the members of FACE.

Languages:DE, EN


Working for FACE provides a unique opportunity to provide the bridge between hunters and other conservationists on the ground and EU decision-makers.

We exist to ensure that hunting in Europe remains good for people and nature. The people who work for us help make this happen. You could become part of a dynamic team who make a vital difference to the 7 million people who hunt in Europe and the future of our precious nature. Our trainees and interns also play a huge role in helping us to meet our ambition. For volunteer or internship opportunities, please contact

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