FACE Strategy

In 2022, FACE Members adopted a new mission, vision, and strategy until 2027. This decision built on 11 months hard work consisting of workshops, external interviews with key stakeholders and mining data from FACE’s annual surveys as well as many discussions and meetings.

Our vision: A Europe rich in biodiversity and hunting opportunities

The end goal for 2027 is clear: A stronger future for hunting and conservation in Europe. In doing so, we have set ourselves an ambitious work programme to be delivered within three strategic pillars:

  • FACE
  • Hunting & Conservation
  • Society

Each pillar sets out a series of “Big Picture” goals, to be delivered with active input from Members in close cooperation with the secretariat. The “Society” pillar sets out a new way of working to ensure we achieve higher social acceptance of hunting in Europe.

This pillar is profoundly important if we are to achieve our vision. The other two pillars set out the necessary steps for the future of hunting and conservation, and for FACE, which must remain a powerful and growing federation.

“We know we can make a huge difference when we work together as a coordinated federation, sharing our experiences and recognising our diversity. This diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We have the right skills in the secretariat, the membership, and strong networks”Torbjörn Larsson, FACE President

This strategy represents our commitment for 7 million European hunters

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