Nature Conservation

The conservation issues dealt with by FACE cover the ongoing implementation of the EU Nature Directives and new policy developments related to nature and biodiversity.

These issues are of importance to FACE as they influence national hunting legislation and in particular habitats and site protection regimes. FACE ensures that the role of sustainable use and incentive-driven conservation is recognised in the creation and implementation of environmental policies.

FACE works together with its Members to share expertise for environmental policy development and implementation to benefit hunting and conservation. This expertise is supported by a knowledge base gained through monitoring research developments and maintaining close ties with our strategic partners.


Hunters share a passion for nature and biodiversity, their primary concern being far greater than their future ability to hunt but the ability for generations to come to appreciate nature in the raw. This is why hunters engage every day right across Europe to conserve nature and biodiversity.

FACE recently launched its new Biodiversity Manifesto, which is Europe’s first evidence-based platform showing how Europe’s hunters conserve biodiversity.

The substantial and growing database of over 470 hunting-related conservation projects shows the importance of hunters’ efforts within and outside protected areas, on a variety of different habitat types and species.

We now have strong evidence to show how hunters are successfully implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and make a crucial contribution to habitats restoration, protected areas, species monitoring and much more.


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