United Kingdom

There are two full members of FACE in the UK:

British Association for Shooting and Conservation

Countryside Alliance

Six organisations work in partnership as FACE-UK to support FACE financially and with their collective expertise. The FACE-UK members are British Association for Shooting and Conservation, British Shooting Sports Council, Countryside Alliance, Game Farmers Association, Moorland Association and National Gamekeepers Organisation.

Key issues for FACE-UK include European policy developments on lead ammunition and changes to firearms and environmental legislation.

Contact FACE-UK by emailing the secretariat at: sophie.hutchinson@basc.org.uk

The main fieldsports activities in the UK are angling, live quarry shooting, hunting with dogs and falconry. Visit the following website for information on the economic, environmental and social benefits of shooting to the UK: http://www.shootingfacts.co.uk/

Visit the following website for advice on firearms licensing requirements in the UK:

Visit the following website for advice on visiting the UK to participate in shooting:

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