Collaborating with both farmers and conservation organisations, to maintain and restore farmland biodiversity through local actions. - On Habitats, The FACE Biodiversity Manifesto.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is of vital importance for hunters for many reasons – from wild game and land management to hunting rights connected to land ownership and the implications of rural development for biodiversity. Moreover, the CAP budget consumes a large portion of the EU budget.

As a bridge builder between farmers, land managers and conservationists, FACE is deepening its connections with all main countryside stakeholders, bringing its expertise and that of hunters to the table.

“Hunting is the human activity which holds our deepest cultural roots. It is imperative for a politician to respect this, guaranteeing its perennity through sustainable policies. The ongoing CAP reform should be an opportunity and an instrument to attain this.” – MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos, Vice-President of the Sustainable Hunting Intergroup