Are you passionate about the work we do at FACE and willing to work hard to increase our reach, awareness and influence in promoting sustainable hunting and conservation in Europe? FACE is currently looking for a Public Affairs Officer and a Junior Legal Affairs Officer to join its small and ambitious team in Brussels.
FACE represents 7 million European hunters and therefore a large group of active and passionate conservationists investing countless work hours and financial resources in the conservation of biodiversity and habitats. FACE developed the Biodiversity Manifesto in 2010 to demonstrate the pro-active role hunting plays in nature conservation. Many FACE Members and hunters are undertaking actions outlined in the Biodiversity Manifesto. FACE aims to provide concrete numbers & figures quantifying what hunters and their organisations do for Biodiversity. FACE will showcase existing examples of hunters engagement for biodiversity by presenting case studies of projects and intitiatives.
European Parliament rejects ban on live decoy birds: The vote of the Parliament proved an amendment aimed at prohibiting the use of live decoy birds for hunting purposes to be unjustified and unsubstantiated owing to anti-hunting sentiments rather than to the interest of animal health.