FACE publishes a report on a yearly basis presenting the results of the Biodiversity Manifesto process while demonstrating European hunter’s contribution to nature conservation. In 2014, while we were marking the 35th anniversary of the Birds Directive and the 10th anniversary of the BirdLife-FACE agreement, it appeared relevant to develop a report focusing on the actions of hunters contributing to the conservation of Birds.
PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 10 February 2015 – The European Commission has presented a proposal to ban trade in products from seals taken in EU waters. In the very same proposal the Commission seeks to make it easier for seal products from Inuit hunts in Canada to be imported into the EU market. This proposal sets a dangerous precedent for sustainability and environmental ethics. It encourages the hunt of seals in EU waters, while at the same time restricting the use of what is being hunted - thus encouraging waste of the Union’s natural resources. The proposal also risks having a negative impact on EU fish stocks. The Commission proposal is part of a package to conform to a report in May 2014 by the World Trade Organization (WTO).
The Waterbird Harvest Specialist Group, for which FACE provides the Secretariat, met in Kalø in Denmark 17-19 March, to plan for the revision of the AEWA Guidelines on Sustainable Harvest of Migratory Waterbirds, which will be completed later this year. Getting this project started has been a challenge but thanks to support from, Aarhus University, the Fondation François Sommer, and the Danish Hunters’ Nature Foundation who sponsored the meeting, the work is now underway. If successful the Guidelines, covering the entire flyway, will be submitted to the next AEWA Meeting of Parties in November this year.