Bern Convention Standing Convention – FACE contributes to tackling IAS and amendments to recommendation on wolf–dog hybrids. FACE attended the 34th Standing Committee meeting of Bern Convention from 2nd to 4th of December in Strasbourg, France. During the meeting FACE together with the IAF (International Association for Falconry) presented a Report on Implementation of the Code of Conduct on Hunting and IAS. FACE Members from 6 countries contributed extensively to the report, which shows the work and activities that hunters are carrying out to comprehensively address the problem of Invasive alien species.
European Hunters’ Federation FACE, underlined during a conference organized in collaboration with the European Commission, the positive role of hunting in wildlife conservation and habitat restoration and claimed its right to be seen as a fully-fledged environmental organisation. The conference was inaugurated by Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment who recognized hunters’ important role in wild bird conservation.
GAME GUARD BODY OF HUNTING ORGANISATIONS IN GREECE TACKLES ILLEGAL KILLING - In 1970 the Greek hunting organisations founded the Game Guard Body. They did this with one basic aim: To enforce environmental legislation in order to protect wildlife species and their habitat, prevent biodiversity loss and control wildlife illegal activities.