The European Commission is proposing new restrictions for EU hunters who import into the Union trophies from a number of non-threatened species, thereby imposing virtually the same strict import permitting requirements as is currently in place for species threatened with extinction. The rules are not final, but it is expected that they will take effect around the beginning of 2015, and they will affect hunters who plan to import trophies of any of the following species: argali sheep, elephant, hippopotamus, lion, polar bear and southern white rhino.
European Hunters’ Federation FACE, underlined during a conference organized in collaboration with the European Commission, the positive role of hunting in wildlife conservation and habitat restoration and claimed its right to be seen as a fully-fledged environmental organisation. The conference was inaugurated by Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment who recognized hunters’ important role in wild bird conservation.
GAME GUARD BODY OF HUNTING ORGANISATIONS IN GREECE TACKLES ILLEGAL KILLING - In 1970 the Greek hunting organisations founded the Game Guard Body. They did this with one basic aim: To enforce environmental legislation in order to protect wildlife species and their habitat, prevent biodiversity loss and control wildlife illegal activities.