PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 19.11.2015 - Reacting to the tragic events in Paris of 13 November, the European Commission rushed a proposal to review the Firearms Directive. FACE supports the European Commission’s initiatives in the fight against terrorism and illegal practices. FACE nonetheless questions how the Commission’s proposal to further restrict the lawful possession of firearms by hunters and sports shooters would prevent terrorists from committing atrocities. Illegally manufactured and/or trafficked firearms are readily available from the black market within the EU or from outside its borders.
FACE is facilitating the organisation of a meeting on CITES titled “Wildlife, use it or lose it?” in cooperation with the President of the Hunting Intergroup, MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz and the Vice President of the Hunting Intergroup, MEP Renata Briano. The meeting will take place on the 26 January 2016 in the European Parliament in Brussels. The primary objective of the meeting is to identify priorities and actions to tackle the world’s biggest wildlife challenges and opportunities in view of the drafting process of the EU’s strategic objectives for CITES CoP17, with a particular focus on sustainable use of wildlife as a tool for conservation, economic development and countering poaching, as well as the role of local communities and the international marketplace.
The conference “The Mid-Term Review: The Role of Hunters and Rural Stakeholders in Financing Biodiversity Conservation” will be chaired by MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz, President of the Parliamentary Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside and supported by FACE. The conference will feature a range of experts who will present different perspectives on the role of hunters and other rural stakeholders in biodiversity conservation. There will be a particular focus on the financing of biodiversity with regard to the targets set out in the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020.