PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 20 April 2015 – On the 20th of April 2015, FACE President Gilbert de Turckheim and Adrian Lombard, President of the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF), signed in Brussels a memorandum of understanding between the two organisations that will strengthen their cooperation in the domain of falconry and sustainable use of renewable resources. Mr de Turckheim said: “This agreement marks the accomplishment of a long and successful path of cooperation and friendship between our organisations. FACE fosters all sustainable hunting traditions in Europe. It is therefore a great honour to engage with IAF to actively promote falconry, one of the most ancient and fascinating hunting traditions in the world.”
The most ancient Prehistoric evidence of human art was brought to life on April 25th in Ardèche, France. The authors of these 36.000 years old rock paintings depicting wildlife were hunters-gatherers. In order to prevent the quick fading of the artwork the French Government spent €55m in constructing a 3000 square meters perfect replica, which is open to the public, 5 kilometers from the site of the original cave. Four hundred and thirty replicas of drawings, paintings and engravings dated 36,000 years are presented in a wide area of reconstruction close to the site where the originals were discovered in 1994 by speleologists. The replica of the Chauvet Cave was inaugurated by the French President, François Hollande, on April 10. The "Cave de Pont d'Arc" is located about a mile the cave discovered on December 18, 1994 by a trio of speleologists. It has been recognized since June of last year as World Heritage of Unesco, it remains closed to the public to preserve the treasure it contains.
FACE is looking for a Communications Officer to join its team in Brussels. This role offers a great opportunity to take charge of communications in a stimulating, high-pressure and focused international non-governmental organisation, integrating all aspects of communications – from content production, to media relations and event management. We’re looking for someone who is a multi-tasker, fast learner, autonomous, and communicative. The ideal candidate should have experience in international communications, ideally within an NGO, company or as a journalist, preferably with a knowledge of European affairs. He or she should be passionate about the work we do at FACE and willing to work hard to increase our reach and awareness.