Benefits of Hunting
in Europe

Europe’s 7 million hunters deliver major benefits to conservation, the rural economy, and society:

Hunters make a major contribution to nature conservation.
Hunters spend over €16 billion per year in Europe’s rural areas.
There is high and increasing social acceptance of hunting.

European Election
6-9 June 2024

The next European Parliament will play a major role in helping to deliver policies which benefit biodiversity and rural communities.

Europe’s hunters are a key part of the solution and over 360,000 signed our campaign #SignForHunting in 2023 calling for better recognition of hunters’ work and policy requests

Hunters’ Key Demands

Members of the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) are inviting all candidates running in the 2024 European Parliament elections to sign this campaign manifesto, calling for:

Laws and decisions which affect hunting and conservation to be fair, workable, and understandable whilst respecting the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality.

A flexible implementation of the EU Nature Directives in accordance with the principle of sustainable use and a balanced consideration of the interests of rural areas.

Europe’s cultural heritage to be respected, which is vital to the future of a diverse Europe, thereby enriching the lives of citizens.

Recognition of the important role of the hunting community in conserving nature.

The re-establishment of the Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside Intergroup for the 2024-2029 parliamentary term.

If you are a candidate officially running for the 2024 European Elections, this manifesto is for you. We encourage you to sign and share it widely within your audiences. Please also notify us of your support by sending us a scanned version at or simply sign online! 👇

MEP Candidates are encouraged to sign the FACE Manifesto


How to support the FACE Manifesto?

To contribute to the campaign’s success, candidate MEPs are invited to show their support by promoting and sharing the manifesto, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable hunting and conservation in Europe.

The European elections, taking place from 6-9 June 2024, will have a significant impact on the political landscape of Europe for the next 5 years, impacting the direction of several policies impacting hunting and conservation. This manifesto is a significant step to ensure that the voices of Europe’s hunters are heard and well understood.

Speaking at the launch, FACE President Torbjörn Larsson stated that:

Our election manifesto sets out FACE’s core principles to ensure laws are workable and fair for Europe’s 7 million hunters. Importantly, it be further developed in the coming months to cover key files making this the beginning of a more extensive discussion``
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