Conservation Champions: Estonia’s Resounding Support for Sustainable Hunting

Tallinn, April 26, 2024 – A national survey conducted in Estonia has highlighted strong public support for sustainable hunting practices, confirming that a vast majority of Estonians recognise the importance of regulated hunting.

In its commitment to map and strengthen the alignment between societal values and wildlife conservation efforts, FACE has embarked on an annual social acceptance survey across multiple European nations. The intent is to regularly gauge and reaffirm the public’s backing, which, alongside scientific evidence, underpins the support for sustainable hunting practices.

Key Survey Insights:

  • Widespread Support for Hunting: An impressive 88% of participants either support or do not object to legal hunting practices in Estonia. This indicates a broad societal endorsement for hunting when it adheres to the country’s regulations and traditions.
  • Potential for Enhanced Familiarity: Despite the support, there is a notable lack of in-depth knowledge about hunting and the laws which regulate it among the public, with 52% of respondents unfamiliar with specific practices and regulations. This points towards a need for increased public education and outreach.
  • Conservation Through Hunting: A strong majority, 77%, agree that keeping parts of a legally hunted animal as a keepsake is acceptable, especially if the hunting activity supports conservation efforts and follows international guidelines.

This data was collected between February 28 and March 7, 2024, with exactly 1000 respondents completing the survey, from an initial pool of 1137 participants. The careful design of the survey ensured a representative and reliable sample of the Estonian population.

The Estonian Hunters’ Association, in cooperation with FACE has taken this opportunity to shed light on the positive perception of sustainable hunting within the Estonian community.

FACE’s Commitment: FACE is dedicated to fostering informed conversations about hunting and conservation. Recognising hunting as an integral part of sustainable conservation practices, FACE encourages a dialogue based on understanding and solid evidence.

Looking Ahead: These survey results serve as a crucial consideration for policy development and our community discussions around hunting and wildlife management. FACE advocates for policies that reflect the public’s support and understanding, aiming for a future where hunting is synonymous with conservation and cultural heritage.

About FACE: FACE is committed to the conservation of wildlife through sustainable hunting, advocating for hunting traditions, and promoting biodiversity conservation across Europe.

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