French Say “Oui” to Hunting: New Survey Reveals Majority Support

Brussels, 18 March 2024 – A recent survey conducted by YouGov unveiled significant insights into the French public’s perception of hunting, including practices that involve keeping parts of legally hunted animals as souvenirs, often referred to as “trophies”. This survey, commissioned by the French National Hunters’ Federation (FNC) in cooperation with FACE, sought to understand the general acceptance of hunting within legal and regulatory frameworks in France and abroad.

Key Findings:

  • General Acceptance of Hunting: A majority of the French population, with 70% indicating, they either agree or are neutral, supports the idea of hunting as long as it is conducted legally and in compliance with local laws and regulations. This demonstrates a considerable level of acceptance and understanding of hunting as a regulated activity within the country.
  • Familiarity with Hunting Practices: Over half of the respondents (54%) have reported being at least somewhat familiar with hunting practices and laws in France, highlighting a general awareness of hunting as part of the cultural and legal landscape.
  • Support for International Hunting and Conservation: When asked about the acceptability of bringing home parts of animals legally hunted abroad (e.g., horns, antlers), provided that such practices contribute to conservation efforts and respect international regulations, 58% of respondents were in agreement or neutral. This reflects a nuanced understanding and acceptance of hunting’s role in conservation efforts and what is often referred to as “trophy” hunting.

This survey’s results contrast sharply with the claim made by the Humane Society International (HSI) that 91% of the French public supports a bill to ban the import of hunting trophies. It is crucial to note that these findings come in the wake of a recent political initiative calling to restrict the movement of hunting “trophies” to and from France, which, while not debated, sparked considerable discussion.

A Positive Message on Trophy Acceptance and Hunting:
FACE wishes to emphasize the positive implications of these findings. They underscore a broader acceptance and understanding of hunting within the framework of legal and conservation-oriented practices. The results suggest that the narrative surrounding hunting and the import of hunting “trophies” may benefit from a more informed and balanced discussion, focusing on the role of legal and regulated hunting in biodiversity conservation.

FACE is committed to fostering a constructive dialogue around hunting and conservation. We believe that with proper regulation and a focus on sustainability, hunting can continue to contribute positively to conservation efforts both in France and internationally.

We urge policymakers, conservationists, and the public to consider these findings in future discussions about hunting regulations and conservation strategies. Together, we can work towards a future where hunting is recognized for its potential to support biodiversity and where decisions are informed by understanding and evidence, rather than misinformation.

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