FACE welcomes Natlink as a Gold Patron: A new era for hunting technology

12 March 2024, Brussels – The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) is delighted to announce a landmark partnership with Natlink, the newly established titan in hunting technology from the Nordics, as a Gold Patron. This alliance is set to revolutionize the landscape of hunting and conservation through cutting-edge technology and a shared commitment to sustainable practices and to further unite the European hunting community.

FACE is thrilled to welcome Natlink, the newly formed and one of the largest hunting tech companies in Europe, as a Gold Patron. Originating from the unity of WeHunt, Tracker, and Burrel under the Open Air Group, Natlink embodies the essence of innovation born directly from the hunting community with its roots in the Swedish Hunting Association.

Natlink stands as the epitome of innovation, crafted by hunters for hunters. Natlink’s flagship brands, especially WeHunt and Tracker, have garnered widespread acclaim across the Nordics, as well as echoing a fast-growing presence throughout Europe.

The collaboration between FACE and Natlink transcends conventional boundaries, marking a new era where digitalization becomes integral to hunting. Natlink, with its open technical platform, connected devices, and system integrations, directly addresses many of the costly challenges faced by the European hunting community today. Through leveraging advanced technologies, Natlink is poised to enhance the hunting experience and promote safety, whilst fostering a deeper connection between hunters and the natural world.

Through FACE’s Patron Program, Natlink gains unparalleled access to insights into European hunting, vital information, and an extensive network of professionals, hunters, and industry leaders. This strategic partnership not only underlines the importance of innovation in preserving hunting traditions but also emphasizes the crucial role of data and technology in advancing conservation efforts.

Looking ahead, FACE and Natlink are committed to working hand in hand to empower hunters with the tools and knowledge necessary for responsible stewardship of wildlife and habitats. They also strive to promote a greater societal understanding of hunters’ ethical attitudes and deep connection to wilderness and wildlife. Together, they aim to inspire a future where technology and tradition harmonize to ensure the longevity and sustainability of hunting practices.

FACE President Torbjörn Larsson commented on the partnership: It is great to welcome NatLink as a gold patron of FACE. They will play a major role in supporting FACE’s work towards a strong future for hunting and conservation in Europe. We look forward to working together”.

For more information about Natlink and their innovative solutions for hunters and the outdoor community, visit www.natlink.se Learn more about how FACE is leading the way in hunting and conservation across Europe at www.face.eu.

About FACE: The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) is the voice of Europe’s 7 million hunters, dedicated to promoting conservation efforts across Europe. Europe’s hunters play a pivotal role in wildlife management and biodiversity protection.
About Natlink: A division of the Open Air Group, Natlink stands at the forefront of the hunting technology industry. By uniting renowned brands WeHunt, Tracker, and Burrel, Natlink is innovating the future of hunting and outdoor activities with a focus on connectivity, sustainability, and enhancing the user experience.

For more information about the FACE Patron Programme, please contact: communications@face.eu

Contact information for Natlink:
Anna Ringborg

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