FACE Celebrates GAIM’s Commitment as a New Bronze Patron: Advancing Hunter Training and Opportunities in Europe

27 March 2024, Brussels – FACE is delighted to announce that GAIM, an innovator in Virtual Reality Hunting and Sport Shooting Simulators, has joined our programme as a Bronze Patron. This partnership not only strengthens our network of support but also reinforces the bond with Aimpoint, one of FACE’s Gold Patrons. GAIM was developed by Aimpoint to showcase the red dot sight in virtual reality.

Enhancing Hunter Education with Cutting-Edge Technology
The GAIM Virtual Reality Hunting Simulator offers an advanced training solution that closely mimics real-world hunting scenarios. This technology enables hunters to practice and refine their skills in a controlled, ethical, and immersive environment, contributing significantly to the responsible hunting ethos that FACE advocates. Through this partnership, GAIM supports FACE’s vital work in promoting sustainable hunting and wildlife conservation. The collaboration benefits hunter training in Europe, by providing a platform for hunters to develop the skills necessary to excel in the field and contribute positively to conservation efforts.

A Partnership Rooted in Excellence and Commitment
GAIM’s role as a Bronze Patron exemplifies a shared vision for the future of hunting in Europe. This collaboration not only underscores the technological advancements in hunter training but also highlights the importance of ongoing education and ethical hunting practices in line with FACE.

Empowering Hunters for Greater Field Opportunities
GAIM’s simulation technology enhances hunters’ preparedness and competence. This initiative ensures that hunters trained with GAIM’s system are well-equipped for real-life hunting scenarios including by building muscle memory, leading to more successful and sustainable hunting experiences. The partnership between FACE and GAIM provides hunters with the tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of modern hunting, ensuring a harmonious balance between hunting traditions and wildlife conservation.

Join the Evolution of Hunting with FACE and GAIM
GAIM is an easy-to-use portable product, suitable for homes, shooting ranges, hunting lodges and organisations. It consists of a Meta Quest headset and a training firearm. This collaboration between FACE and GAIM is more than just a commitment to advanced hunter training; it’s a step forward in securing a sustainable future for hunting in Europe. By training with GAIM, hunters can gain access to enhanced field opportunities, underpinned by ethical and conservation principles.

Discover the synergy between tradition and technology in hunting with FACE and GAIM. Together, we are setting new standards in hunting excellence and conservation stewardship.

If this is of interest to your national association or regional hunting club, please read more and contact GAIM here:  https://www.gaim.com/face

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