FACE Commends Austria’s Role in Improving Acceptance of Hunting

Brussels, Belgium – The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) commends Jagd Österreich (the Austrian Hunters Federation) for their work on improving acceptance of hunting in Austria, underscored by a recent survey which showed over 70% acceptance among Austrians. This survey, which reflects broader European attitudes, highlights Austria’s leading position in promoting sustainable and ethical hunting practices. Commissioned by Jagd Österreich and supported by FACE, the independent YouGov survey involved over 10,000 responses across eight countries, and revealed a strong public endorsement for hunting practices throughout Europe.

The key aspect of the survey asked participants, “Regardless of your opinion on hunting, do you allow other people in your country to hunt if they do so according to hunting laws and regulations?” In Austria, over 71 percent approved, with 16 percent abstaining and only 13 percent rejecting. This overwhelming support for hunting acceptance in Austria exemplifies the public’s recognition of hunting as a regulated and sustainable activity aligned with conservation goals.

Maximilian Mayr-Melnhof, President of Jagd Österreich, welcomed the survey results, emphasizing the commitment to wildlife and the battle against misinformation. “The survey also shows that anti-hunting misinformation shatters against common sense, which pleases me as well,” Mayr-Melnhof stated, highlighting the importance of continued dedication to conservation efforts and ethical hunting practices.

The Global Role of Hunting in Conservation
The survey also sheds light on the global significance of hunting in conservation, particularly addressing the contentious issue of trophy hunting. Despite being a frequent target of anti-hunting organizations, the legitimate desire of hunters to retain a memento from their hunt is broadly supported, as indicated by the survey results.

70% of respondents in Austria agreed that hunters could keep parts of a legally hunted wild animal, such as horns or antlers, as a souvenir if it supports conservation measures and adheres to international regulations. This acknowledgment underscores hunting’s role in the conservation of naturally regenerating resources and species protection, highlighting the nuanced understanding and acceptance of hunting practices among the public.

FACE’s Commitment to Education and Sustainable Hunting
In light of these findings, FACE reaffirms its commitment to promoting sustainable hunting and conservation. Through launching educational initiatives and engaging in transparent dialogue, FACE aims to further public understanding of hunting’s positive impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem health. These efforts are crucial for dispelling myths and fostering a well-informed discourse on hunting and conservation practices globally.

For further information, please contact:
Tristan B. Breijer MBA FRGS FRSA MCIJ
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