Over 70% of Spanish People Accept Hunting: New Survey Shows Public Opinion

Brussels, 18. January 2024 – The perceived social acceptance of hunting underpins every issue that the hunting community faces. A significant new study conducted by YouGov for the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) and the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation (RFEC), has revealed that 70% of Spaniards accept regulated hunting practices.

The comprehensive survey, involving over 1,000 individuals from varied backgrounds across Spain, was conducted in November 2023. The participants encompassed a diverse range of geographical origins, ages, genders, and educational levels, and thereby provided an extensive perspective on the public’s acceptance of hunting in Spain.

Key Findings:

  • Broad Acceptance: A notable 70% of the Spanish population showed acceptance towards legally conducted hunting, affirming its role in the country.
  • Gender Perspectives: There is a noticeable difference in acceptance rates across genders, with 78% of men and 61% of women showing acceptance.
  • International Perception: About 47% of respondents view Spaniards’ participation in hunting abroad positively, particularly when it benefits economically, ecologically, and socially.
  • Utilisation of Hunted Animals: Half of the survey participants view the use of hunted animals, whether for meat or as “trophies”, in a positive light. This highlights hunters’ role in contributing to conservation, rural economies, and anti-poaching efforts.

Initiated by FACE and several national federations, including RFEC, this survey responds to the growing interest in environmental issues as well as the perception of hunting contribution to rural economies. In this context, the ‘Economic and Social Impact of Hunting in Spain’ report by Deloitte for the Fundación Artemisan quantifies hunting’s annual contribution of about €6.5 billion and the support of 187,000 jobs in rural Spain.

FACE and RFEC are dedicated to promoting responsible hunting practices. This survey is key in understanding the hunting community’s perception by society.

For detailed information and to access the full study, visit www. fecaza.com/el-70-de-los-espanoles-respalda-con-firmeza-la-caza.

Methodology: YouGov, a reputable international market research and data analysis firm, employed online methods for this survey. Their methodology involves collecting responses from an internet user panel, with demographic weighting to ensure a demographically representative sample. This approach is considered to provide a more accurate reflection of public opinion compared to traditional polling techniques.

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