New Survey Shows Overwhelmingly Positive Public Attitude Towards Hunting in Belgium

Brussels, 10 January 2024 – A recent public survey commissioned by Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen (HVV) and the Royal Saint-Hubert Club de Belgique (RSHCB), has uncovered compelling data on the social acceptance of hunting in Belgium. The survey, conducted by the esteemed and independent firm YouGov, indicates a significant level of neutrality or support for hunting practices within Belgian society.

Belgians Stand with Hunting: A striking 77% of respondents are neutral or supportive towards others engaging in hunting, as long as it is performed legally and within the regulatory framework. This sentiment reinforces the notion that hunting, when done in compliance with the law, is widely accepted across the Belgian population.

Public Knowledge of Hunting: The survey has brought to light a need for increased awareness and education on hunting, with 90% of participants acknowledging their limited understanding of the subject. This presents a vital opportunity for HVV and RSHCB to collaborate on educational initiatives to enhance awareness about the broader implications of hunting, including its contributions to biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Sustainable Use and Conservation Awareness: Furthermore, the survey addressed the public’s perception of hunters keeping parts of legally hunted animals as “trophies” under the condition that such acts contribute to conservation. An encouraging 68% of participants expressed neutrality or agreement with this practice, highlighting the importance of ongoing conservation endeavors in shaping public opinion.

Educational Outreach: For FACE, the survey results are a testament to the successful conservation and management efforts undertaken by hunters in Belgium. There is potential for future educational and advocacy initiatives that can further strengthen the acceptance of hunting in the region.

Conclusion and Future Outlook: The findings from this survey pave the way for an enhanced public image of hunting in Belgium. They underscore the essential role that informed dialogue and community engagement play in fostering a positive perception of hunting. FACE commits to supporting its members in their ongoing efforts to promote hunting as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious activity in Belgium and throughout Europe.

For further details and insights into the survey, please visit the website of HVV (in Dutch).

Please contact Policy Advisor for Social Acceptance, Tristan Breijer ( for more information on FACE’s Social Acceptance Initiatives in Europe.

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