The European Hunting Community stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Brussels, 4 March 2022 – In response to the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine, FACE together with the CIC has been mobilising its member organisations and partners, and will be facilitating assistance to the humanitarian aid organisations currently coordinating efforts at the border.

This will include collaboration with the (Hungarian) National Charity Hunting Organisation (OJV KNP Kft.), with whom CIC have recently signed a Cooperation Agreement. Hunting associations and hunters from neighbouring countries – including Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland – are providing independent assistance to Ukrainian people, as well as joining and complementing existing humanitarian efforts on their borders to Ukraine.

Tables, benches and kitchen equipment, as well as food and soft drinks have already been sourced. Plans further include serving warm meals to refugees crossing the border from Ukraine into Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. In Hungary, local hunting associations and hunters are also setting up food distribution stations together with local non-governmental organisations already present at the borders, as well as at other locations such as shelters near the Ukrainian border.

As part of the FACE-CIC initiative, we are donating hot food (including game meat), drinks, as well as important equipment and necessary materials to be used in multiple stations for helping Ukrainian people entering neighbouring countries.

Support FACE-CIC’s Humanitarian Aid:
Time is of the essence, as increasing numbers of people continue to cross the borders each day. If you would like to offer support to those affected by this devastating war crisis, please support and share FACE-CIC’s joint initiative by donating via the “Donate Here” button, below.

As we receive more funding, we can increase the scope of the FACE-CIC’s donation. Therefore, your generous contributions will make a real difference to these people.

Full Transparency for Donations:
All proceeds will go directly towards assisting those in desperate need. In the interest of our donors we offer full transparency, and we will be keeping track of every cent donated.

For more information, please contact: or

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