Portugal’s first Professional School in Wildlife & Game Resources Management


A Unique Community School. In Alsud, Portugal the Alsud Professional Vocational School  was established by the local Cooperative of Alsud, to ensure that teaching and training skills can be developed for different generations and needs. The school is committed to students’ developmental journey and to utilising the treasures/assets of the local region in Mértola such as the Vila Museu, the National Hunting capital, and headquarters of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park.

As a result of its hunting-rich location in Mértola, the school is made up of a large Hunting, Fishing and Nature School which offers courses in Junior Game Keeping as well as many others. Professional courses such as these are essential for teaching important environmental lessons to younger generation and creating jobs in other areas where there is a lack of qualified technicians locally, regionally, or nationally.

Hunting and Education: A historic bond uncovered in Alsud. Hunting and cultural identity is a key focus for the school. Alsud is aware that in many Portuguese municipalities hunting is one of the main lines of work, community, and tradition. Hunting is an area in which the school has been investing in since 2011 whilst working closely with the national Portuguese hunting association FENCAÇA. Crucially, the school will allow students to rise to the great modern challenges that lie ahead for hunting: reduction in indigenous wildlife populations, new complex rules and legislation, some animosity on the part of urban society, etc.


Submit your Project! Every month FACE choses a hunting-related conservation project in Europe as its project of the month. These projects highlight some of the many great initiatives hunters are undertaking to preserve biodiversity.

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