FACE and Hunter&Co.: One Year of Collaborating for the Future of Hunting


Budapest, 23 September 2021 – Despite the upheaval from the continuing effects of Covid-19, the partnership between FACE (The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation) and Hunter & Co (the leading hunting and conservation app developer in Europe) was able to deliver great benefits for both parties. The agreement was signed in September 2020 at the headquarters of the Swedish hunting association and celebrates its one year of success at the “One With Nature” World Exhibition of Hunting in Budapest.

The two organizations started working together to develop the initial concepts for a European standard for wildlife research, quota management, surveys, disease tracing, which Hunter & Co has started to integrate these in its apps. It also provides FACE Members and related institutions with diverse functions to support date collection by the European hunting community. This valuable data, combined with other data collected by the apps, provides important political capital to support hunting into the future. Data is only ever collected with the user’s prior consent and is not for commercial use.

Hunter & Co, has so far signed agreements with several FACE members and is in discussion with many more to discover how best to implement this in their countries and what other adaptations might be necessary. Spain, Bulgaria, Malta, and several of the Austrian state organizations are amongst the countries that have already signed up.

Hunter & Co CEO & Founder Lorenz Frey-Hilti said of the anniversary: “It is great to celebrate the results of the last year of our partnership with FACE here in Budapest at the extraordinary World exhibition; we look forward to a longer-term support of FACE and a close collaboration with its members”.

Since its inception in 2018, the Hunter & Co apps (MyHunt, MyFieldsports & Jagdgefährte) have grown to be the most popular in Europe with over 540.000 installs to date. Additionally, they have concluded partnerships with many local, national, and international organizations and private enterprises, such as the CIC, Subaru, Frankonia, Garmin, and many more.

For more information, please contact the Hunter & Co Director of Strategic Partnerships: Tristan Breijer FRGS at tristan.breijer@hunterco.de

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