Petition to support the Grey Partridge in Belgium

The Belgian (Flemish) Hunting Association – Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen (HVV) – responds to anti-hunting efforts with a petition to support the conservation of Grey Partridge in Flanders, Belgium.

Hunters’ conservation work for the Grey Partridge
Hunters are one of the most active players in the conservation and management of the Grey Partridge – investing their own money, time, and effort. From creating beetle banks, managing field corners, feeding during wintertime, legal predator management to scientific monitoring of the species, hunters are actively conserving the species. Hunters also ensure harvest is sustainable through local monitoring. Further, hunters implement self-imposed restrictions on hunting above and beyond the regulations when necessary, to give these local populations all opportunities to flourish.

Hunting and conservation is under attack
Currently, the conservation and hunting of Grey Partridge in Flanders is at stake. In response, HVV started a petition to support this species. It is important to address the true challenges for partridge populations, like the absence of suitable habitat, the lack of insects during the chick-food foraging period and in many locations the additional pressure of predation. A hunting ban is counter-productive in Flanders to the recovery of local populations – as experienced elsewhere. Moreover, it would have serious consequences of losing the support of an entire community dedicated to the conservation of this key species.

Help conserve the Grey Partridge
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