FACE Biodiversity Manifesto ‘Project of the Month’: Hunters of Limburg plant 24,000 hedges plants and trees for biodiversity

Every month FACE choses a hunting-related conservation project in Europe as its project of the month. These projects highlight some of the many great initiatives hunters are undertaking to preserve biodiversity.

FACE is pleased to present the FACE Biodiversity Manifesto Project of the Month January 2021:
Belgian Limburg hunters plant trees for biodiversity (EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030)

FACE is pleased to present the FACE Biodiversity Manifesto Project of the Month January: Belgian Limburg hunters planting trees for biodiversity.

In the third week of January 2021, the hunting association of Limburg (Belgium) distributed almost 24,000 hedges plants and trees amongst hunters with the aim to improve local ecosystems and biodiversity. This campaign will provide food and shelter for both huntable and non-huntable species on around 12 hectares of forest or 16 kilometres of hedges. Especially, partridges and pheasants but also many passerines, mustelids and even Common hamsters will benefit from these efforts.  The hunting association of Limburg covered a big majority of the costs associated with this campaign.

The new EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 calls for more community-based actions led by citizens, businesses, or social partners to protect and restore Europe’s nature. This project demonstrates yet again that hunters are active on the ground and will be an essential player in implanting the strategy throughout Europe in the next 10 years.

For further information on the Biodiversity Manifesto, please contact bob.groome@face.eu or visit our website http://www.biodiversitymanifesto.com/.

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