Hunters’ Survey on Lead

FACE study: Socio-economic impact of a lead ammunition ban on hunters/hunting in Europe
Questionnaire for hunters in EEA countries (including UK)

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect information from hunters in EEA countries relating to the impacts on them if the use of lead ammunition is banned for hunting and sport-shooting as per the ongoing proposal under the REACH Regulation. This project is commissioned by the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE). The specialist consultancy REACHLaw will use the survey answers to prepare a socio-economic analysis. The analysis will document the impact of a ban on lead containing ammunition on hunters in Europe.

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Your input is critical so please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. If you are currently using lead containing ammunition, you will be directly impacted by the proposed ban.

We need to collect reliable information on the number of hunters as there is a possibility that ECHA will differentiate between hunting and non-hunting activities in their recommendations to the Commission for a ban on the use of ammunition containing lead. Some non-hunting activities may be exempted from the ban (e.g. shooting at some rifle ranges, but this is unclear). In many countries, we lack reliable estimates for the number of firearms owned/used by hunters, the amount of ammunition fired each year in EEA countries. This means that ECHA may underestimate the socio-economic impact of a ban on the use of lead ammunition. We need to collect reliable numbers to fully understand the socio-economic impact on hunters and hunting in Europe.

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