Compromise on CAP concluded by major European Parliament groups

Brussels, 13 October 2020 – After lengthy and difficult discussions, it appears that the main political groups in the European Parliament (EP), were able to reach a compromise on the CAP post 2020 last night. The EP’s vote will take place Tuesday, 20th October.

At the time of writing, the agreement includes 30% ring-fencing for eco-schemes to incentivise environmentally friendly practices under pillar I (direct payments) and a 35% budget for green measures under pillar II (rural development). It seems that 40% of this sum will be allocated to the so-called areas of natural constraints (ANC) although many experts have cast doubt about the effectiveness of such payments to reverse biodiversity loss.

Importantly, the percentage of the agricultural area devoted to non-productive features under GAEC no. 9 has only been set at 5% and restricted to arable land only. Several studies show that such a low percentage is not sufficient to help nature recover. It is also unfortunate that the percentage is no longer applicable to livestock farming as proposed by the EC. This means that many farms will be exempted as the difference between “agricultural” and “arable area” reduces the applicable area by 38%.

Allegedly, the deal has also reduced the initial level of protection for permanent grassland and peatlands compared to the original EC’s proposal. Permanent grassland and peatlands play a key role in addressing climate and biodiversity objectives.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. David Scallan, FACE Secretary General, stated that: “The initial signals do not look good in terms of the next CAP’s ability to reverse biodiversity loss on Europe’s farmland. It’s of paramount importance for MEPs to vote on a reformed CAP that’s in line with the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030”.

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