Federcaccia and ACMA collaborate with coordinators ISPRA for the official census of waterfowl populations.

The month of January is an exciting month for ornithologists and hunters worldwide as the waterfowl population counts takes place throughout the Western Palearctic as well as in Asia and Africa. This count process is carried out as part of the Wetlands International project.

In Italy, the coordination is entrusted to ISPRA Р Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research Рand in several regions Federcaccia РItalian Hunting Federation Рand ACMA Рwaterfowl hunting association Рmembers participate in the outings. They participate in teams composed of professional and amateur ornithologists, and all of them passed an appropriate exam. ISPRA expressed their appreciation for the collaboration with hunters, recognising how hunters often know key information about the daytime and night-time activities of the waterfowl birds.

The waterfowl hunters, represented by ACMA-FIDC, have long been present in this precious monitoring activity, which results in producing the most reliable data on the trends and distribution of waterbirds in Eurasia and Africa. Federcaccia wishes to thank all the members who have committed themselves to supporting the long-established activity of the hunter-monitoring and conservation in every location around the world, for this and for all forms of hunting.

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