FACE partners with Eagle Review, the travel advisor for Hunting and Fishing

FACE has partnered with Eagle Reviewwww.eagle-review.com – the No.1 travel advisor for hunting, shooting and fishing, listing over 6,000 hunting and fishing destinations across 163 countries.

We will work together to ensure that hunting and fishing opportunities in Europe remain available through sustainable use of wildlife resources. Hunters have a vested interest in ensuring not only that there is wildlife to hunt but that through conservation we ensure nature and biodiversity is available for future generations.

Ludwig Willnegger, FACE Secretary General said: “We are extremely proud to have found Eagle Review, a partner who shares our vision on sustainable hunting and supporting us in extending the voice and values of the European hunting community”.

Coen Stork, CEO of Eagle Review said: “We very much look forward to working with FACE to promote the interests of hunters across Europe. We strongly believe that sustainable hunting is crucial for biodiversity”. Coen also stated “As a champion for the sport we want to help ensure that we put forward the interests of our community”.

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