Last week, the European Commission published its “Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy”, which was the result of the “Fitness Check” of the EU nature directives.

FACE, with input from its Members, has been involved in the entire Fitness Check consultation process including the development of this EU Action Plan. The Plan includes important actions for European hunters to be delivered by 2019, including:

Updating guidance on species protection rules under the Habitats Directive;
Updating the “Key concepts document on the period of reproduction and prenuptial migration of huntable bird Species in the EU”;
Supporting stakeholder platforms to address conflicts between people and protected species (we expect a focus on large carnivores, cormorants, and geese);
Progressing work on cultural ecosystem services aspects of Mapping Assessment of Ecosystem Services (MAES);
Promoting better stakeholder involvement (including hunters and landowners) in the Natura 2000 Network;
Developing further single and multi-species action plans for a range of bird species, including huntable birds;
Evaluating of the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on biodiversity;
Strengthening links between natural and cultural heritage.
FACE Secretary General, Ludwig Willnegger, stated: “FACE and its Members will be investing considerable resources into delivering many of the actions listed within this Plan. Our aim is to work very closely with our Members, the European Commission and Member States to facilitate and promote the conservation and sustainable use of nature in Europe”.

Donwload the PR here (EN / FR)

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