A successful six years of Presidency coming to an end: Special Recognition for FACE President, Torbjörn Larsson at DJV General Assembly


The German Hunting Association Deutscher JagdverbandDJV celebrated its 75th anniversary at its General Assembly, the “Bundesjägertag” in Mainz on 21-22 June 2024. The event, held at the Kurfürstliches Castle, was attended by around 400 delegates and guests from across Germany. This marks a significant milestone in the association’s history.

One event highlight was a special tribute to the FACE President, Mr Torbjörn Larsson, who is concluding his second (3-year) term and will not seek re-election in September. Torbjörn Larsson’s two-term mandate resulted in major changes to FACE and significant organisational progress over the past six years.

Under his leadership, FACE saw considerable growth and development, with high satisfaction among its 37 national members. Several major files were addressed for Europe’s hunters, including reforms in land use policy, advancements in EU nature policy, large carnivores, migratory birds, and new EU rules for firearms and ammunition.

His presidency was marked by his leadership and dedication to the organisation’s goals. He led a major process to revise the FACE mission, vision, and strategy for 2027. His leadership was also crucial to developing a stable secretariat linked to purchasing a new state-of-the-art office in the Brussels “European quarter.”

Additionally, Torbjörn Larsson played a crucial role in establishing the FACE Wildlife Foundation, which has become instrumental in advancing FACE’s mission and objectives. His efforts in international fundraising have significantly improved FACE’s resources, enabling more extensive and impactful advocacy initiatives. Notable was the “largest” European Hunters’ Campaign, which collected over 360,000 signatures and was presented to the European Environment Commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevičius in 2023. This represented the collective voice of Europe’s hunters, their support for sustainable hunting, and their commitment to nature conservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of hunting.

To recognise his outstanding contributions, Mr Helmut Dammann-Tamke, DJV President, presented Torbjörn Larsson with a special gift, honouring his dedication and achievements in supporting hunting and conservation across Europe.

Speaking at the DJV General Assembly, Torbjörn Larsson stated:

I'm incredibly proud to have served as President of FACE, representing 7 million hunters across Europe for six years. It has been an honour to work alongside a strong Board, membership, and experienced staff dedicated to FACE’s values and commitments``
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