News for Biodiversity

6 Sep 2012

The expectations from the participants of the CGBN were that the European Commission would finally announce their intentions for a legislative instrument on Invasive Alien Species (IAS).  They were to be disappointed though, even indications of whether it would take the form of a Council Directive or Regulation would not be given.

9 Jul 2012

The FACE Biodiversity Manifesto aligns itself with the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020. The 34 action points address a host of EU biodiversity priority areas and promote cooperation with other sectors and stakeholders such as farmers, land and forest owners, conservation NGOs and public authorities.

21 Jan 2012

Hosted by the Cyprus Federation for Hunting & Wildlife Conservation, the first FACE-Mediterranean Meeting of 2012 covered a full agenda including national reports, expert insights from The Cyprus Game Fund, the European Institute for Migratory Birds of the Western Palearctic (OMPO), the European Association of Traditional Hunts (AECT) as well as FACE (Europe).


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