News for Firearms & Ammunition

30 Nov 2012

The ESSF (European Sport Shooting Forum) held its annual end-of year meeting at the FACE House, Brussels.

30 Sep 2012

The Belgian delegation of the CIC recently drew our attention to the difficulties encountered by Belgian residents departing from Brussels airport to take their hunting firearms to non-EU countries, as they need to obtain in advance an export permit (first-time infractors are however allowed to pursue their trip after receiving a warning).

26 Jul 2012

Today the European Commission adopted a report to the European Parliament and the Council in which it concludes that there would be no clear benefit in a compulsory restriction of the classification at EU level to only two categories of civilian firearms, namely prohibited and subject to authorisation.

5 Jun 2012

This Congress brings together the industry leaders and invited guests to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in relation to sporting ammunition, for both hunting and sport shooting. The items under discussion included the EU and UN initiatives, including lead in ammunition and the UN small arms treaty.


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