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7 Aug 2013

Every two years since the mid-1950s, the International Union of Game Biologists has brought together international wildlife biologists, forestry scientists, veterinarians, game managers, hunters and others with an interest in game or wildlife biology. The IUGB encourages the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge in the field of game and wildlife management, the broad field of game biology and international cooperation in game and wildlife management. 

21 Jun 2013

Invasive Alien Species Management: Conference Report

31 May 2013

Illegal killing, trapping and trade of wild birdsCouncil of Europe Conference - 29-31 May, Tunis

25 Mar 2013

Wildlife management in Iceland has been focusing on the monitoring of wildlife populations and the calculation and prediction of bag limits for each hunting season. 

1 Mar 2013

A selection of the best papers submitted to the last International Union of Game Biologists (IUGB) Congress in Barcelona is now available online: Published papers - All abstracts - Extended abstracts

26 Jan 2013

The European Commission (DG ENV – Nature Unit) initiated the EU Action on Large Carnivores.

6 Jan 2013

World Wetlands Day, coordinated by the Ramsar Convention is a great opportunity to highlight the good work of hunters and their organisations’ contributions to conserving wetlands.


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