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22 Apr 2014

Hunters engage every day right across Europe to conserve nature and biodiversity: A great example of the countless efforts undertaken by hunters can be found in south Italy’s Calabria region where hunters created a small paradise for migratory birds.

30 Mar 2014

The alluvial plain ranging over the Provinces of Firenze, Prato and Pistoia, enclosing a large internal wetland area (especially during autumn, winter and spring) became the most industrialised and urbanised area of whole Tuscany. Around 30 years ago, private hunters decided to create permanent small depth lakes in this area by artificial and controlled flooding with the aim to hunt ducks, coots and other game birds during the hunting seasons.

14 Jan 2014

The European Commission is launching the “European Natura 2000 Award” to recognise excellence in best practices for nature conservation in Europe. This award is an excellent opportunity for hunters to showcase their commitment to biodiversity conservation.

The award aims to draw the public’s attention to the network’s success and to demonstrate its importance for the protection of biodiversity across Europe.

17 Dec 2013

Discussions and debates are currently taking place regarding the introduction of the ‘non-intervention management’ concept in the Natura 2000 context.

FACE is concerned about the implementation and consequences of such a notion which excludes the majority of management activities from the areas and seems contradictory to the ethos of the Nature Directives. 

25 Nov 2013

The Second European Conference on Regions and Biodiversity, jointly organised by ECNC (European Centre for Nature Conservation) and UNEP (United nations Environment Programme) took place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

The meeting gathered representatives of regions and local authorities in Europe as well as other stakeholders and governments to discuss the involvement of regions and local authorities in matters and projects related to biodiversity.

24 Oct 2013

After five and a half years - and with his Belgian hunting licence obtained with a 100% score in the shooting test - FACE’s Gabor von Bethlenfalvy is moving on to new challenges. In his time at FACE Gabor has been a key member of a team that has achieved so much for European hunting and conservation. 

4 Oct 2013

This year, on 3-4 October, the Annual Biosymposium of the Oxford Biodiversity Institute, focused on Biodiversity Resilience. Amongst some very interesting ecological and scientific approaches to the issue of resilience, the Biosymposium also considered governance and policy trade-offs. 

19 Sep 2013

High-level speakers from EU institutions, environmental, hunting and other biodiversity stakeholders from 25 countries discussed and presented actions to conserve and restore biodiversity at the 2013 FACE Hunting for Solutions Conference in Brussels on 13 September.


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