26 Nov 2015

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The valley systems of Wied Xlendi and Wied tal-Kantra area which is found on Malta’s sister island of Gozo in a Natura 2000 site of 296.30 ha, is one of the largest Natura 2000 areas in the Maltese Islands.

Including cultivated agricultural land, rock escarpments and sea-cliffs, the diversity of habitats attract a large and diverse avifauna while serving as a staging post for a number of migratory birds.

19 Nov 2015

Yesterday, reacting to the tragic events in Paris of 13 November, the European Commission rushed a proposal to review the Firearms Directive. FACE supports the European Commission’s initiatives in the fight against terrorism and illegal practices. FACE nonetheless questions how the Commission’s proposal to further restrict the lawful possession of firearms by hunters and sports shooters would prevent terrorists from committing atrocities.

30 Oct 2015

The European Commission has decided to extend the deadline for applications to the Natura 2000 Awards for two more weeks – 15th of December: Link

15 Oct 2015

During the Green Week 2015 held in Brussels from 3rd to 5th of June, several LIFE projects were rewarded for their successful work and achievements on a wide range of nature conservation and environmental issues.

14 Oct 2015

Hunters, trained conservation volunteers, foresters, national park staff, environmentalists, researchers and students carried out field work gathering biological samples in view of testing a non-invasive wolf census methodology.

14 Oct 2015

The Slano Kopovo nature reserve is one of the last preserved salt marshes in Vojvodina, Serbia. Due to the growing endangered status of salty lakes and salty habitats worldwide the Slano Kopovo is a habitat of international importance.

2 Oct 2015
The European Union Scientific Review Group (SRG) agreed on 15 September 2015 on a positive opinion for future import of elephant hunting trophies into the EU from Zambia. This followed the presentation by the authorities from Zambia of extensive information to the SRG on their hunting trophy management scheme, whereby 80 elephant trophies can be exported per year under a number of strict conditions, as well as on the population numbers of elephants, estimated at more than 33 000 elephants for the three main ecosystems for elephants in the country (Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi) with an increasing trend.
28 Sep 2015
Wildlife trafficking (defined as the illegal cross-border trade in wildlife) continues to pose a threat to biodiversity conservation globally, particularly so on the African continent. At a meeting of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Biodiversity, Hunting and Countryside, held in May this year, the Commission revealed for the first time publically its intention to publish an EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking aimed at tackling both the domestic and the global dimensions of the problem. Following the publication of this Action Plan, which took place in the late summer, the Commission invited FACE along with other stakeholders to provide comments.
22 Sep 2015

As conflicts between wolves and humans are increasing in many EU countries due to growing wolf populations, the Intergroup “Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside” held a conference yesterday in the European Parliament, seeking to better understand the challenges and solutions to this situation.

20 Sep 2015

Delegates of 30 European countries representing seven million hunters elected former Member of the European Parliament and businessman Dr Michl Ebner as their president. The election took place yesterday in Brussels at the annual FACE General Assembly renewing the statutory bodies for the next three year term. 


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