31 Oct 2014

In 1970 the Greek hunting organisations founded the Game Guard Body. They did this with one basic aim: To enforce environmental legislation in order to protect wildlife species and their habitat, prevent biodiversity loss and control wildlife illegal activities. 

30 Oct 2014

European Commission proposes new restrictions  

27 Oct 2014

The first of its kind in Europe 

14 Oct 2014

Site managers, landowners and wildlife and hunting organisations from across Europe will come together to share best practice on how sustainable hunting practices can be integrated into nature conservation planning at a 3-day workshop titled Sustainable Wildlife Management: integrating hunting practices with nature conservation planning.

23 Sep 2014

European Hunters’ Federation FACE underlined during a conference organised in collaboration with the European Commission the positive role of hunting in wildlife conservation and habitat restoration and claimed its right to be seen as a fully-fledged environmental organisation.

9 Sep 2014

The representatives of the European hunting world from 23 countries gathered in Brussels for the annual FACE General Assembly on 4 - 5 September.

3 Sep 2014

Finnish hunters are involved in a LIFE project based on partnerships with the aim of restoring large areas of wetland habitats.

18 Aug 2014

Shooting is worth £2 billion to the UK and supports the equivalent of 74,000 full time jobs are two of the main findings of a recent survey commissioned by 16 organisations involved with shooting and the countryside in the UK.

Findings of the study included: 

2 Jul 2014

Since 2000, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is conducting the project “Green shoots” which aims to achieve public conservation targets by working with the shooting community and partners to target conservation effort on land which is shot over.

They have found it crucial to produce evidence in order to demonstrate the scope of the work and the positive results of hunters’ contribution to wildlife and habitats. 

12 Jun 2014

FACE was one of the 8 parties signing the agreement that seeks to resolve conflicts occurring between humans and the increasing populations of wolves, bears, lynx and wolverine in Europe.



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