22 Dec 2014

Through the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020, the European Commission is developing and progressing on relevant topics and issues for preserving nature and biodiversity at EU level.

22 Dec 2014

Since 2005, the Hellenic Hunters Confederation has conducted a program aiming to determine : 

17 Dec 2014


5 Dec 2014

Bern Convention Standing Convention – FACE contributes to tackling IAS and amendments to recommendation on wolf–dog hybrids 

FACE attended the 34th Standing Committee meeting of Bern Convention from 2nd to 4th of December in Strasbourg, France.

5 Dec 2014

The EU Biodiversity Strategy (Action 5 of the “Target 2: Maintain and restore ecosystems and their services”) calls on Member States to:

-Map and assess the state of ecosystems and their services in their national territory by 2014 

-Assess the economic value of such services, and promote the integration of these values into accounting and reporting systems at EU and national level by 2020

28 Nov 2014

Since 2011, “CEEweb for Biodiversity” has been organising the contest called ““Green-Go Short Film Competition” which aims to reward and share short films on natural solutions to climate change, sustainable farming and benefits of nature.

For the 2014 contest, there are three categories under which the films could apply:

1). Nature works for us!

2). Feeding the world sustainably – Celebrating the International Year of Family Farming

3). Fighting climate change and disasters with natural solutions

25 Nov 2014

A women hunters initiative was set up in the Finish region of North Karelia in summer 2014 encouraging women and girls to hunt and to increase knowledge and appreciation of good hunting practices and culture especially by means of education.

24 Nov 2014

The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 requires the European Commission to carry out further work to propose by 2015 an initiative to ensure there is no net loss of ecosystems and their services (e.g. through compensation or offsetting schemes).

14 Nov 2014

On 6 and 7 October 2014, the association “CEEweb for Biodiversity” organised the “CEEweb Academy on Green Infrastructure – Preserving our Natural Capital: Policy and Practice” in Budapest, Hungary.

CEEweb represents the network of several dozens of nature conservation organizations from Central and Eastern European countries and aims to conserve biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development.

31 Oct 2014

In 1970 the Greek hunting organisations founded the Game Guard Body. They did this with one basic aim: To enforce environmental legislation in order to protect wildlife species and their habitat, prevent biodiversity loss and control wildlife illegal activities. 


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