FACE Patron Programme

In 2020, the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) unveiled its new ‘Patron Programme’, which provides industry and other organisations with a means to support a strong future for hunting and conservation.

FACE needs support from its stakeholders in all sectors to have a better footing when it comes to tackling EU policy affairs. Developing a network where one can share and access our knowledge database is one our key goals to strengthen the hunting sector.

Our patron programme is the foundation to developing this essential/strong network. Our Secretariat is composed of experts from the fields of ornithology, zoology, environmentalism, legal affairs, communication and above all public policy. In order to continue to grow and promote the sustainable work of hunters around Europe FACE needs continued support from its stakeholders.

JAGD&HUND is Europe’s largesta hunting exhibition with around 82,000 visitors and 850 exhibitors every year. It is hosted by the Messe Dortmund GmbH, which is one of the largest exhibition centres in Germany.

BLASER is the famous German brand founded in 1957 by Horst Blaser. It is a manufacturer of high-end shotguns and rifles for hunting, but its portfolio also includes a wide range of products from hunting firearms to hunting gear, ammunition, optics, accessories, outfits.

BIOAMMO LTD is an ammunition manufacturer dedicated to the development, manufacturing and distribution of 100% biodegradable, bio-compostable and non-toxic wads and cases with 0% plastic. BioAmmo’s mission is to manufacture high quality, high performance cartridges for both Game and Sports shooting and to help to eradicate any pollution from plastic in ammunition. BioAmmo’s patented vegetal biopolymer material is simply consumed by bacteria, where it is turned into a completely natural biomass. Moisture and sunlight have no effect on its degradation, storage time is about 5 years and BioAmmo’s cartridges are also available with non-toxic shot. Simply bury the wads and cases and nature will do the rest!

The Munich based company, Hunter & Co. brings together hunters, software developers and nature enthusiasts, whose shared vision is made possible through the MyHunt app, the “faithful companion that is always in the hunters pocket, providing assistance before, during and after the hunt, allowing you to simply enjoy nature.” The aim of Hunter & Co. is to deliver a mobile application for hunters that is easy-to-use and responsive to the needs of hunters internationally. MyHunt is the app made by hunters, for hunters. For more information, please see the Hunter & Co. website: https://www.hunterco.de/en/about-us/

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