Jagd&Hund 2014 opening speech: FACE President Gilbert de Turckheim called for collaboration and unity

Europe’s biggest hunting fair, the Jagd&Hund in Dortmund, opened its doors on 4 February with FACE president Gilbert de Turckheim giving the opening speech at the official ceremony.

The opening ceremony brought together representatives from organisers Westfallenhallen and Landesjagdverband Nordrhein-Westfalen (Hunting association North Rhine-Westphalia, member of the German Hunting Federation DJV), the Jagdgebrauchshundverband (German Hunting Dog Association) and the Fischereiverband (Angling Association) with MPs from regional and national parliaments, hunting related associations from several parts of Germany and Europe, industry, trade and the hunting press.

In his opening speech FACE President Gilbert de Turckheim was outlining the challenges and opportunities lying ahead of German and European hunters. The speech put a special focus on the upcoming European elections in May – an opportunity for every hunter to directly take part in European Union (EU) politics – the European Commission’s initiative concerning a possible reopening of the firearms directive, planned EU-legislation on Invasive Alien Species (IAS), the hunters possible role and contributions to this legislation, the massive time and financial means invested by hunters in biodiversity conservation and the challenges posed by the ongoing urbanisation of Europe.  

President de Turckheim concluded by calling upon all hunters and those related to hunting such as hunting associations, industry, service providers, trade, rural organisations and hunting press to collaborate and stand together unified to ensure hunting remains good in Europe. 

You can read the speech (in German) here.

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