Poland: Saint Hubert Day Celebrations

The Polish Hunting Association (Polski Związek Łowiecki) celebrated a special Saint Hubert Day this year, as 2013 marks the Association’s 90th Anniversary. This holiday of hunting and horsemanship has a long tradition and took place for the 14th time. 

On 19 and 20 October hunters gathered at Spalaa - since pre-war times the traditional hunting grounds of the Polish Presidents. The first day was devoted to hunting and 17 groups consisting of 18-20 persons each enjoyed hunting in the Polish autumn. Fourteen groups hunted big game, two were shooting pheasants and one group consisted of falconers with their birds of prey. 

The second day offered a rich cultural programme with music concerts, exhibitions of hunting dogs and numerous horse riding shows and competitions in which some 130 horses participated. The celebrations saw thousands of visitors sharing their love for the outdoors and hunting traditions. 

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