45th Opočno Falconry Meeting & International Association for Falconry Elections

Further to the successful Falconry Exhibition organised in the European Parliament last month, Angus attended the 45th Opočno Falconry Meeting in the Czech Republic and gave an address at the closing ceremony. The meet is hosted by the Czech Moravian Falconers who are a part of FACE Member the Czech Moravian Hunting Union. The meet gathers falconers from all over Europe in a great spirit of camaraderie.

At their AGM (17-23 November) in Kearny USA the current President Frank Bond stepped down at the end of his mandate and the International Association for Falconry (IAF) elected their new President Adrian Lombard, as well as Tom Richter as new Vice President for Europe. Frank Bond was instrumental in forging a very close working relationship between FACE & the IAF which was in evidence at the Parliament Exhibition. In addition he has worked to create the possibilities of a more professional structure for the IAF and subject to final confirmation of funding the IAF will be exploring the possibilities of opening an office in Brussels. It is expected that this will further strengthen our mutual collaboration. The new President of the IAF is well-known to FACE and ensures that the platform laid down by Frank Bond will be built upon. Adrian served as Secretary of the IAF in the previous term and in his campaigning for President took the time to approach FACE and explore potential options to continue the collaboration between the IAF and FACE. On a personal note, Adrian and Angus attended the same school in Zimbabwe (although some 25 years apart) where they learnt the art of falconry.

Janusz Sielicki will attend the Raptors MoU Meeting in Abu Dhabi and should there be any issues of concern for the wider hunting community he will be certain to notify us, another example of smart collaboration between FACE and the IAF.

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