Trapping: in Europe and the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS)

The EU and its Member States have an international obligation to comply with the standards set by AIHTS.

According to the implementation schedule, Parties to the Agreement will have until 2013 (5 years after entry into force) to test and certify trapping methods, and until 2016 to prohibit the use of traps not certified in accordance with standards of the Agreement.

- The AIHTS (Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards) was negotiated between the EU, Canada and the Russian Federation (with a similar agreement with the USA) and concluded successfully in 1998.

- The Agreement was approved by Council Decision 98/142/EC.

- The Agreement entered into force 22 July 2008 following deposit of the ratification by the Russian Federation.

Recent Meeting - The German Hunters’ Association and FACE Member (DJV) held an informal meeting on 31 October on the AIHTS at their headquarters in Berlin. This meeting follows the reasoning that Member States can’t wait indefinitely for signal from the EU on how and when to implement the AIHTS. Attended by Secretary General Angus Middleton, the meeting delineated the necessary steps that will need to be taken such as identifing a ‘competent authority’ and a methodology for testing and certifying traps.