Romanian Federation of Hunters and Anglers National Congress

Held in Constanta, by the Black Sea, a wide array of key activities, including a Hunting and Fishing Fair, the National Finals for Shooting and Gun dogs, the World Carp-fishing Championships and crucially, their National Congress and the Hunting and Fishing Festival were organised by the Romanian Federation of Hunters and Anglers (AGVPSR).

Several hundred delegates from all the AGVPSR regional hunting associations presented their activity reports and discussed relevant policy issues.

FACE Senior Policy Advisor Yves Lecocq gave a welcome address in which he underlined the role of the AGVPSR as long-standing Member of FACE (since 2000, well before Romania became an EU Member State in 2007).

With the recent election of Dr. Attila Keleman - a former MEP for Romania - as FACE Vice-President for the South-East European Region, this role is likely to increase, something which was already illustrated by the presence at the Congress of high-level delegations from the Moldavian and Albanian national hunters’ associations, also Members of FACE.

At the same moment, the World Carp Fishing Championship was organised at a major Constanta lake, with national teams from countries as far away as South Africa participating. This major 3-day event, under the auspices of the International Angling Confederation (Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive CIPS), was organised to perfection by the AGVPSR, demonstrating the spirit of cooperation between hunters and anglers, two categories of people promoting sustainable wildlife use as well as biodiversity. And Romania still has a lot of biodiversity, as Yves could witness when he visited the Danube Delta with its rich birdlife.