Medialoup hosts an Italian delegation

The French National Hunters’ Association FNC (Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs, FACE Member) received support from the Ministry of Ecology and the Foundation of the House of Hunting and Nature (Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature) to coordinate a mediation and communication project: Medialoup, to address the return of the wolf in France and Europe. FACE is part of the Steering Committee and coordinating the organisation of 3 workshops / fact finding missions by FACE Members, notably from Italy, Sweden and Spain.

The first workshop was organised with the indispensible help of Giovanni Bana FACE Vice-President and Gianluca Dall’Olio (President of Federazione Italiana della Caccia, FACE Member) and was hosted by André Mugnier, from the French National Hunters’ Association’s Commission on Large Predators and President of the Hunters’ Federation of Haute Savoie at the latter’s headquarters.

On 6 June, the MediaLoup project focused itself on the wolf’s situation in Italy. Italian experts from different networks (Natural parks, universities, Collectivités territoriales, shepherds’ associations and hunting associations) gathered to share their expertise in terms of knowledge, management and monitoring of the species.

Notwithstanding the national framework, the wolf is managed at a regional level in Italy, and in terms of the national framework, a number of informative elements were provided.

Today, Italy has a wolf population that is estimated at no less than 1000-1500 individuals. Originating from a relict native population of about one hundred individuals in 1973, this population has progressively reconstituted itself and colonised most of the country. Indeed, the wolves present in France come from this population.

The Steering Committee prepared a summary on last month’s workshop which you can download below.

For more information on the Medialoup project and these reporting workshops, visit the project website on