Interdisciplinary working group on contemporary use of traps

In Germany trapping is very much part of hunting, and like other aspects of hunting the DJV (German Hunters’ Association) wishes to see that this progresses with changing circumstances and advances in knowledge.

In order to prepare a new position paper on trapping the DJV held a meeting in Berlin on the 14 July - Interdisciplinary Working Group on contemporary use of traps - opened by Helmut Dammann-Tamke, who is responsible for trapping at the DJV Bureau, and chaired by Andreas Leppmann, DJV CEO. The meeting gathered representatives from DJV, professional hunters, veterinarians and academics dealing with animal welfare. To aid discussions, the participants split into four groups; ‘Nature conservation, species protection & science’, ‘Trapping technology and methods‘, ‘Hunting & expertise’ and ‘Animal welfare & pest control’. FACE Biological Data Manager, Cy Griffin participated in the first of these groups as well as advising on the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards in plenary.

It is expected that the outcome of these discussions will be wider consultation on trapping standards in Germany, and a more positive perception of trapping for nature conservation, hunting, research and pest control.