The FACE Biodiversity Manifesto in the Mediterranean

The FACE Biodiversity Manifesto aligns itself with the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020. The 34 action points address a host of EU biodiversity priority areas and promote cooperation with other sectors and stakeholders such as farmers, land and forest owners, conservation NGOs and public authorities.

The Manifesto’s main objectives are to demonstrate the role and contribution of hunting for biodiversity to policy makers and the public, and to coordinate and enhance efforts carried out by European hunters in line with international conservation priorities.

This summer, FACE and Members from the Mediterranean region will embark on a project to contribute towards the implementation of the main objectives of The Biodiversity Manifesto in the Mediterranean region. The project will be co-financed by the MAVA Foundation. 

Until July 2013, a set of workshops are intended to exchange expertise on biodiversity conservation and experience on how to influence environmental policy making. The main output will be a publication of good practice by hunters in the Mediterranean which will demonstrate how this group helps the EU and governments to deliver on biodiversity conservation targets.