Belgium : Game Health & Hygiene Training Standards Pin, a potential model for Europe

Throughout Europe, hunters have had to - and should – be formally trained in game health and hygiene. In the EU, there is specific legislation requiring hunters to be “trained persons” before they may deal with “wild game and wild game meat”: Regulation (EC)853/2004 “Hygiene rules for food of animal origin”.

The Royal Saint-Hubert Club of Belgium (RSHCB) which represents Belgian hunters within FACE has recently developed an insignia in the shape of a pin that every hunter who has been trained in game health and hygiene could wear on their hat or jacket to show that they are a qualified and trained individual and thereby authorised to fill in the various documents required for the sale of game.

This pin is made of enameled golden metal with four colours. The design is of a hunting horn on a green background, with a doctor’s caduceus representing the diagnosis of the meat’s quality. The whole is surmounted by a representation of the EU flag reflecting that the pin’s bearer’s training answers the EU Regulation and thereby valid across the EU.

The RSHCB would like to propose to all European hunters grouped through the FACE Members to take on this pin, so that all European hunters have the same insignia. 

You can either order the pins directly from the RSHCB or find an agreement for their reproduction. Any profits from the sale of pins go to a Belgian fund for the education of young hunters (-30 years) so as to ensure a future for hunting. Please feel free to contact Yves Leloux at the RSHCB (FR-EN-DE-NL)