10 FACE current issues

FACE for hunters in Europe

FACE follows all international policy and legal issues that impact sustainable hunting and conservation in Europe.


Actually, FACE influences decisions taken at the international level and he’s working on 10 current issues, grouped into three main categories.


Stopping declines in small game

European farming policy leads to major declines in many small game populations (e.g. Grey Partridge, Pheasant, Hare). FACE lobbies for a better European agricultural policy (see EN, FR, DE) to benefit small game populations, thereby increasing hunting opportunities.

Showing the benefits of hunting

FACE promotes the economic, social and conservation benefits of hunting. For example, FACE started its “Biodiversity Manifesto” (www.biodiversitymanifesto.com) to show how European hunters benefit nature conservation in Europe.

Protected areas

FACE lobbies to promote hunters’ engagement in the management of protected areas in collaboration with relevant authorities and other stakeholders.



Without firearms, most European hunters cannot sustain their passion. FACE lobbies against unnecessary restrictions on firearms possession, storage and use so that hunters and target shooters can own and use firearms without unnecessary requirements.


FACE engages in all international debates about the use of lead in ammunition, making sure that no disproportionate bans are proposed. FACE supports the phasing out of lead shot over wetlands but works to ensure that each country can design its own rules.


Large carnivores

FACE lobbies for large carnivore management (using hunters) and conservation at the population-level so as to effectively promote coexistence. Many large carnivore populations are increasing and expanding in Europe and do not require strict protection under European laws. These laws contain an obligation to revise the protection status in certain situations, which is a major objective for FACE.

Migratory birds

FACE ensures that bird hunting in Europe is not affected by disproportionate restrictions or bans. Debates about the importance of sustainable bird hunting are led by FACE alongside international approaches to improve the conditions for migratory birds. 

Wildlife diseases

FACE provides expertise on all animal health issues related to hunting (e.g. African Swine Fever in Wild boar, Rabies, Avian Influenza). We ensure that sustainable hunting is not restricted when new proposals are being drafted and hunters are seen as an important group in combatting wildlife diseases.   

International hunting

European hunters do not only hunt in Europe, but also in countries like Africa. FACE lobbies to promote hunting and its conservation benefits there. FACE also stops many unnecessary proposals to ban the imports of big game trophies into Europe.

Wildlife crime

FACE shows how the involvement of hunters in voluntary enforcement and awareness-raising initiatives can help to stop illegal killing and wildlife trade. FACE supports a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach.

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