FACE is the largest democratically representative body for hunters in the world and is probably one of the largest European civil society organisations.

FACE Membership is open to representative national hunters’ associations from all Council of Europe Member States. FACE currently counts Member Associations in 36 countries including the EU-28.

Elections for FACE’s Board and Bureau take place every 3 years at the General Assembly, according to the 1 country = 1 vote system, as in all political FACE decision-making processes. This helps FACE achieve true European unity and solidarity amongst all Members, avoiding the feeling that the interests of some of the larger ones would overrule the smaller.

The Board is the Federation’s management and policy development body.

It is comprised of the President, 11 Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer General and the Secretary General; the latter two, however, without voting rights. The 11 Vice-Presidents ensure a balanced and full representation of regions as well as interests.

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How FACE works

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Gilbert de turckheim, face president

Gilbert de Turckheim has been the President of the European Federation for Hunting & Conservation since his appointment by the FACE General Assembly of 2003.  His adept leadership has ensured his re-election 3 times by the FACE Members during this period. 

As FACE President during the past 10 years, Gilbert has chaired FACE’s main gatherings and led the organisation through a time of great change. 

Having first attended a FACE Meeting in 1987, his 25 years experience with the pan-European community is founded on a local understanding of what it is to be a European hunter.

Before his Presidency at FACE, Gilbert was President of the Federation of Hunters of the Bas-Rhin Département in his native France (1986-2004) and Regional Hunting President for the North-East. He has held many key posts including Vice-President of the French National Hunters’ Federation (Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs), President of the ONCFS (French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency) for 6 years – now its Honorary President - and was a Member of France’s Economic & Social Council. His involvement in nature conservation projects and wildlife structures in France is long and varied, and stems from a lifetime of experience and passion.