15 Jun 2012

Under the framework of the EU ‘CorMan Project’ (Sustainable Management of Cormorant Populations), the Stakeholder Liaison Group which FACE is part of met for the third time (30 May-1 June, Lichfield, UK)  to steer the work on the project ensure that the range of concerns are taken into consideration (see p.67 of the FACE Annual Report 2012 for context).

There are two main deliverables to the contract:

8 Jun 2012

The French National Hunters’ Association FNC (Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs, FACE Member) received support from the Ministry of Ecology and the Foundation of the House of Hunting and Nature (Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature) to coordinate a mediation and communication project: Medialoup, to address the return of the wolf in France and Europe.

5 Jun 2012

This Congress brings together the industry leaders and invited guests to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in relation to sporting ammunition, for both hunting and sport shooting. The items under discussion included the EU and UN initiatives, including lead in ammunition and the UN small arms treaty.

29 May 2012

Throughout Europe, hunters have had to - and should – be formally trained in game health and hygiene. In the EU, there is specific legislation requiring hunters to be “trained persons” before they may deal with “wild game and wild game meat”: Regulation (EC)853/2004 “Hygiene rules for food of animal origin”.

24 May 2012

In Europe, protected areas in the first half of the 20th century were predominantly strictly protected national parks, traditionally run by central governments and designated as set-asides for nature conservation due to their intrinsic values. They were generally managed in a technocratic way without regard to opinions by local communities.

21 May 2012

On 21 May, a special event was held prior to the Biodiversity and Nature Directors’ Meeting in Denmark to launch the EU celebrations marking 20 years of the Habitats Directive and nature protection. A series of events will take place throughout 2012, mainly focusing on the achievements of both LIFE and Natura 2000.

28 Apr 2012

Failing the giants upon those shoulders we stand - this was the title of the plenary talk by Tony Fox from Aarhus University, at PEDS3 (the Third Pan-European Ducks Symposium) held in Jindrichuz Hradec, Czech Republic 24-28 April.

14 Apr 2012


31 Mar 2012

Athens, 31 March 2012 - Representatives of the hunting world from 22 countries gathered in Athens, Greece for the 2012 FACE Members’ Meeting.

Hosted by the Hellenic Hunters’ Confederation and their President Nicolas Papadodimas, the Members’ Meeting focuses on EU policy implementation and enhances exchange between FACE Members. 

2 Mar 2012

March 3 marks one year to go to the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP16) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to be held 3-15 March 2013 in Thailand.

CITES is one of the world’s largest environmental agreements and seeks to regulate international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants at sustainable levels to ensure that this trade does not threaten their survival.


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