The Medialoup Project goes to Sweden

The French National Hunters’ Association FNC (Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs, FACE Member) received support from the Ministry of Ecology and the Foundation of the House of Hunting and Nature (Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature) to coordinate a mediation and communication project: Medialoup, to address the return of the wolf in France and Europe. FACE is part of the Steering Committee and coordinating the organisation of 3 workshops by FACE Members, notably from Italy, Sweden and Spain.

Following the first Italian workshop, the second workshop of the project hosted representatives from the French departmental (FDC) and national (FNC) hunting federations’, the Louvèterie, Ministry of Ecology and FACE on 20 June at the Swedish Hunters’ Association. Specialists from different networks (the national research center “Grimsö”, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the National Center for Wildlife Damage Monitoring, WWF, the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife, the Federation of Swedish Farmers, Värmland County) shared their experiences in knowledge, management, and monitoring of this large carnivore.

After having disappeared for nearly twenty years, the wolf arrived from Russia, 800km away in the early 80s. The population grew steadily to more than 70 wolves in the late 90s. Sweden now has 31 breeding territories and an estimated population of 277 wolves. This population has also increased due to the return of big game that had almost completely disappeared in the early 19th century: deer, roe deer, fallow deer, wild boar (58,000 hunted today) and especially elk (100,000 hunted today).

The Steering Committee prepared a summary on last month’s workshop which you can download below.

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