Reporting the reality of Tick-borne Diseases across the EU: Hunters’ support is needed!

Hunters, gamekeepers and other wildlife managers, as people who spend a lot of time outdoors, belong to a category of people particularly at risk from so-called tick-borne diseases (TBD), such as Lyme disease (Borreliosis) and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). 

Most of us have been bitten (often) by ticks and even know people who caught a disease as a result of that, if we didn’t catch it ourselves. Last year, the European Commission recognised the impact of TBE by adding it to the official list of diseases which doctors in all EU Member States are required by law to report to the appropriate national authority. Despite this, reporting varies considerably from country to country. 

FACE is therefore participating in a European project, building awareness and tackling misconceptions about TBE among hunters and other at-risk groups. 

Hunters can support this important project by completing (anonymously) a short online survey, developed by a steering committee of experts (including from FACE) and taking about 5 minutes to complete.

 The results of this survey will be used to support a campaign to ensure that the most at-risk people are taking appropriate precautions and protecting themselves against the risks of TBD. A report containing the findings of the survey will be launched at the European Parliament in November 2013.

Click this link to start the survey in:




The deadline for responses is Monday 14 October.