ORNIS Committee Meeting

To assist the European Commission in presenting the results of the service contract – Scientific and technical assistance supporting species protection under the Birds Directive, FACE and BirdLife International were invited to the ORNIS Committee meeting.

The final report of this contract made recommendations for a new methodology aimed at improving the production and implementation of Action Plans (Annex I), Management Plans (Annex II), and updating of the Key Concepts document on Article 7§4 of the Birds Directive (see FACE Annual Report 2012; p.68-9).

The European Commission expressed its satisfaction of the outcomes of the contract, which was supported by several Member States. At the meeting the focus was on the Management / Action Plans methodology. One point of interest is that it is proposed that hunted and non-hunted bird species will be treated in the same manner, and plans will be referred to as “Recovery Plans”. The priority for producing plans will be made on the basis of their population status and relative importance of the EU for the species’ population size and distribution (i.e. those doing worse and endemic to the EU would be of first priority). For the Key Concepts section of the contract no presentation was given, but after request for details from some Members States, FACE’s Cy Griffin was given the floor to outline the recommendations. It appears that the Key Concepts is of lower priority for the European Commission, but we will follow any developments.


The Habitats and ORNIS Committees are required legally under the EU Nature Directives to assist the European Commission in the implementation of the Directives. Previously there was an open session of the meetings for stakeholder input and communication. This was stopped with the establishment of the CGBN (Coordination Group for Biodiversity and Nature) which now fulfils this function. The list of ORNIS Committee members from each Member State can be found on the following link: