Hunters & Vets

In the margin of the General Assembly of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) in Brussels, FACE Senior Policy Advisor Yves Lecocq – a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine – made a presentation on hunting and wildlife management in Europe and how these interact with veterinary expertise.

Initially scheduled to be given at the FVE Section “Education, Research & Industry” only, his talk drew so much attention from the three other FVE Sections (namely Practitioners, Hygienists and Veterinary State Officers) that over one hundred participants turned up.

Yves outlined the different aspects of hunting for which veterinarians could and should make a real contribution: in the first place of course game meat hygiene and public health, as well as wildlife diseases likely to affect domestic animals but also humans (the so-called zoonosis). Their expertise would also benefit the welfare of domestic animals (mainly hunting dogs and their training) and even of wild animals. It can be no coincidence that a significant proportion of veterinarians have an active interest in hunting, participating for instance in hunters’ training and in running hunters’ organisations at all levels.

Yves also warned the veterinary community not to believe in the illusion that, by serving the animal rights movements unconditionally, it would succeed in placating them because they will never abandon their ultimate objective of a “meatless & petless society” - one where veterinarians will then no longer be needed.