European Sport Shooting Forum Meeting

The ESSF (European Sport Shooting Forum) held its annual end-of year meeting at the FACE House, Brussels.

The ESSF is an informal discussion platform of European representatives of civil firearms and ammunition-related sectors (manufacturers, retailers, users) and of which FACE was one of the co-founders. Together members of the ESSF collaborate in providing relevant expertise to the Commission expert groups and elsewhere in the EU decision-making process. This has proven valuable in terms of advocating hunters’ interests, for example with regards to the implementation of Article 10 of the UNFP into EU law.

During this meeting, the ESSF members agreed to improve their internal communication and also exchanged information about developments at national and EU levels. There are some concerns about the existing restrictions on trade within the EU internal market, and also about the risks of further restrictions on the legal ownership of firearms. Tackling the issue of lead in ammunition remains one of the top priorities and members agreed to work on it in a proactive and constructive manner.

The next meeting will take place in March 2013 in Nuremberg.