European Commission Coordination Group on Biodiversity and Nature (CGBN) discusses Invasive Alien Species

The expectations from the participants of the CGBN were that the European Commission would finally announce their intentions for a legislative instrument on Invasive Alien Species (IAS).  They were to be disappointed though, even indications of whether it would take the form of a Council Directive or Regulation would not be given. The delays seem to have been caused by lengthy inter-service negotiations on how the new instrument would link to existing pieces of legislation which partly control the pathways on IAS introduction, such as the EU Wildlife Trade Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) 338/97) which implements the provisions of CITES.  It is now expected that the Commission will announce their intentions in early 2013.

With some surprise a new IAS online database was presented; the European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN). This database brings together a total of 43 existing ‘alien species’ databases from global, regional and national level, covering over 16 000 species. The aim is to increasing the access to data and information on alien species in Europe and facilitate the exploration of existing alien species information. More investigation will be required on its usefulness and implications.

You can see the Commission’s information on invasive alien species here: